Rest In Peace, Bruce Howard Ludlum

To quote a good friend whose dad passed away last autumn, “Heaven got a good one yesterday….”

Howie Lud was many things: husband, father, teacher, counselor, athlete, coach, music lover, angler, friend. He had an honesty in his love of life, and zest for living.

His love and commitment to his wife, his family, and his friends radiated. He set the ultimate example of how to be the best one can be, to keep trying new things, helping others, being open, and rising to the occasion time and time again.

His love for his wife, our mom Kathy, was expressed at an even higher level over the last 20 years, being her primary caregiver after she suffered a debilitating stroke. We miss you dad, we love you, and we celebrate your life –

Rest In Peace: Bruce Howard Ludlum, 12 March 1936 – 4 February 2018.

2 thoughts on “Rest In Peace, Bruce Howard Ludlum

  1. Randie Bradley McGurrin

    Jeff, I remember your parents coming to our home just before my wedding (1965) to see my mother (his aunt) to get pictures of his father. My Mom found some pictures and gave them to them.

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