Here’s to Pat Welsh: Everything is Going to be OK

Tuesday, Celebrating Pat Welsh…Pretty well every time I think of Pat, his reassuring smile, confident voice, and sense of humor are what rush to the fore.

Pat brought a positive energy to any room or situation he walked in to.  Like the Bob Marley song goes, Pat provided a sense that “things were going to be OK.”

He was always ready to engage the situation he was in, ready to lend a hand, ready to help, ready to get things done.  He had good and balanced insight he would share if asked (and sometimes he’d even share if he wasn’t asked).   He knew what he believed and he would share that perspective with conviction.   Even if you didn’t agree, you had to listen, because the impetus was genuine.

Pat also brought levity as needed, and his little smile gave a big boost to anyone who saw it.  He had a wit that allowed him, with a quip or twist of phrase, to ease the tension in the room or conversation.   He was on your side.

Pat Welsh was a can-do person who made you feel like you could too.  I always felt better after talking to Pat.  Yep, things were going to be OK.

[Circa 1991. Photo Credit: Tom Stergios]

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