Here’s to Pat Welsh: One Sharp Mind

Wednesday, Celebrating Pat Welsh…One of the characteristics I admired most about Pat was his sharp mind.

Whether it was sports or business dealings, his ability to evaluate and explain things — especially quantitative matters — always impressed me. I recall many times listening to him talk about his take on “the playoffs”…

…it could have been basketball or football or baseball, and he’d talk about how the different teams sized up, specific players and what they’d need to do. I would think, “I don’t know how he has all that in his head…” It just all seemed to flow. Pat had a very natural and intuitive understanding of things.

His knowledge and assessments on business deals dealings was the same. He soaked information in, processed it, and could speak intelligently about whatever the matter at hand was.

And when he explained things — though I’m not so quantitative in my thinking – it made sense and I understood. Pat didn’t speak at you, he spoke with you. He engaged. He wanted it to make sense to you.

What did he do with that sharp mind? He cared.

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