Here’s to Pat Welsh: A Zest for Life

Thursday, Celebrating Pat Welsh…His zest for life was palpable. Consider the Hawaiian shirts he wore, his fan enthusiasm for the many sport teams he followed, and the way he danced and sang along to his favorite bands (think Oingo Boingo, Joe Jackson, Van Halen, to name a few). It was evident: Pat squeezed every little bit of good he could from life. He loved it, and it loved him back.

The first time I remember seeing Pat was at a college event when we were freshmen. 1985. We were playing Broom Ball. His zest for life was apparent, as he chased that ball around the rink.

Over the rest of our college years, after we’d become friends, that passion for everyday manifested over and over. Whether it was playing or watching or studying or working or whatever it was, Pat had a plan, and an appreciation for the moment.

He inspired me over and over again throughout all our years as friends, even though we would only talk a few times a year. Frequency didn’t matter. He just brought the energy again and again. His little smile that often became a big grin, and a steady gaze that said, “I’m all in.”

We were all better for it.

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