Here’s to Pat Welsh…on Friday, We Celebrated Him

This from a Friday, another Friday that turned out to be GOOD, for reasons other than the usual motivations.  We gathered in Redondo Beach, southern California.  We packed a church and sang together and prayed together and listened and chatted and remembered and celebrated his life.

Celebrating Pat Welsh…as sure the sun comes up each day, Pat’s competitive spirit burned hot, and bright, and knew no limits, right up until the end. Of that I am sure.

He was always in the hunt, believing he could get a positive outcome. Whether on the golf course, or working a business deal, in a game of cribbage, or battling cancer, he was in the fight.

Until God called him home, two weeks ago – I pray he closed his eyes and walked toward the light knowing he did the very best he could, an example for us all.

Today (Friday, 4 May) the tribe gathers together with his family to celebrate his life. We love you, Pat!

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