Here’s to Pat Welsh…Perspective and Faith

Celebrating Pat Welsh…Perspective and Faith provide the foundation by which we can cope with the sadness of Pat’s passing. Those traits are also at the core of the lessons I’ve learned from knowing him. His perspective helped him endure for so long through his illness. His faith provided him the light that lead him home.

Faith and Perspective Helps Us Transcend. Taking from things heard yesterday at Pat’s funeral, there was much shared that helps us cope, to better understand the good that is present, even as sadness and loss washed ashore after Pat’s passing. The big take-aways as I heard them, that spoke to me go something like this:

His son Jack talked about being lucky that Pat was his dad, the greatest dad in the world. He was lucky to have had Pat as a dad, for all the love and lessons he shared.

His brother Don talked about how he’d prayed for a miracle that Pat might survive his illness often over the passed three years. And then he realized the miracle was Pat’s life and survival over those three years being sick, having Pat in our lives three more years through his battle.

The preceding priest, Monsignor Connolly, talked about the power of faith when confronted with the mystery that accompanies death. All this helps us all deal with the reality that Pat is gone. But also that he lives on in our memories and love for him.


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