A Dad’s List, #4

1. Maybe my wife said it best, “A Tuesday that felt like a Monday.” All good though, where it went sideways, tried to learn.

2. Not always easy; see above.

3. Generosity that was a little unexpected. Learning from that too.

4. Need a haircut.

5. Sometimes two peeps you think will get along don’t seem to; or at least they have differing approaches. Learn from both.

6. Kids drawing on a big sheet of paper? Priceless.

7. Green Roobios? GOOD.

8. Not much time to write a full blog post, another list will have to do. I think it does.

9. Diet off the rails a bit; more in quantity than quality.

10. Lots to do. Tomorrow is another day.

Bonus: Big Hug from my son!

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