Fix The Ear

My son got a toy mouse last weekend. Really to be more specific, it was a cat toy that looked like a mouse.

Not long after he got it — maybe fifteen minutes — he tied to take the tag off the toy; the tag was attached to the little ear; the little ear pulled out when he pulled on the tag.

“Sigh”, I thought. “Hope I can fix it”, I thought further. And when We got home, after a while, after taking care of some other things, I sat down to fix the little ear on the little toy mouse. Miraculously, I was able to nudge it back in, tucked in securely, almost good as new. Good enough for my son anyway, it turned out.

The lessons? Simple as they often are, they still resonate for me in my life stuffed with big things and little things to do and fix.

Something not to your likely?  Give it your best effort to change it.  Need to fix something?  Try to figure it out.  You might surprise yourself.  Want to try something new?  TRY SOMETHING NEW.  Just Do It, as the Nike campaign promoted all those years ago.

Go Forward. Make adjustments and corrections, do the next thing, keep learning, keep going forward, help others, GOOD.

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