“By the pricking of my thumbs…”

“By the pricking of my thumbs, something wicked this way comes.” This phrase comes from a novel by American writer Ray Bradbury, who first published the work in 1962.

I read it 19 years later, when it was assigned reading in my 9th Grade Literature class. It had a big influence on my perspectives as a creative work, and furthered my early interest in writing as well. Though I’m not a big fan of fantasy / horror stories overall, this particular story had the right blend of both, and in sufficient measure, to stick with me long
after I’d finished reading it.


I read a post that it would have been Ray Bradbury’s 99th birthday yesterday.

In honor of his memory, I wanted to give a quick shout out to this great creative voice, one of the writing influencers in my life. I don’t think about it too often these days, but he is certainly one that helped light a spark in me to write and be creative, a fire that still burns on inside today.

Seeing the post yesterday included the artwork I’ve included here and linked to another Bradbury novel – The Halloween Tree — more reading to do now. Joy!

Finally, as I was reading about Bradbury after seeing the original post, I’m inspired to do more of what he did: write everyday. That’s what I’ve tried to do off and on — currently on — throughout the years. Striving to create and especially to share inspiration.

Bradbury reminds me that it’s a good idea to just create without sharing too…that not everything needs to be shared straight away; it’s a good reminder that it’s the creating itself that is the magic, the therapy, the goal.

So here’s to Ray Bradbury, Happy 99th ~

if you want to read more about him, there’s a whole lot to learn, a great writer, a great man.  Read more here.

More on “Something Wicked…” found here.

Illustrations above by Joseph Mugnaini from The Halloween Tree by Ray Bradbury (1972)





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