What’s it going to be today?  GOOD.   That’s my default.

It might not play out that way, but that’s the way I’m gonna receive it.

The weekend though? It was legit GOOD. It was busy for sure, but for all the right reasons.

Soccer started up again for two of our three kids; and my wife is coaching the team; so plenty of ramp up there. Practice on Friday; our first game was the next day.

The weather was hot, which added a little further, challenging dynamic. Thankfully our game was in the morning.

Soccer went fine overall, a success for a bunch of under-6 kids who don’t know each other, or their coach, or the other parents. They did well.

Then it was off to a long-planned theater show in the afternoon. Our three kids, first time to see a live show on stage. It was Wicked. Literally. 🙂 They did really well at that event too, overall.

Then on Sunday, it was out to the Central Valley for a family birthday. Super fun for our three kids to see their two cousins, grandparents, and uncles and aunties.

So yea, busy for sure. But that’s just living; that’s just life. The usual chores and week-to-week work at home that usually gets done during the weekend? Fit in what we can, fill-in where we had a bit of time.

Make it good along the way. Make it GOOD.


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