Four Eyes

Don’t make fun of others, that’s a basic life lesson.

“Four Eyes!” is a childish way of Making fun of someone who wears eyeglasses. Granted too that it’s mostly used by kids, or was back in the day…but the point is the same.

Be nice to others. Treat them as you’d like to be treated. Don’t put someone down in effort to elevate yourself. That is NEVER ok.

My brother wore glasses from age 2.  I never really saw the point in making fun of people who wear them.  Never did.

When I was in my late twenties, I got my first pair, for seeing distance.

I’ve sense gotten reading glasses too.  A couple years back I embraced the wisdom of progressive lenses.

I know a lot of people that wear contact lenses; I tried those for a while.  Not a big fan.

I know some folks who have gotten surgery to correct their vision.  Not my thing either.

Half-way through my life, I’ve got no problem wearing eyeglasses.  I don’t do a very good job of keeping them clean.  I do the best I can to remember, but the smudges always seem to build up a bit.

My approach to wearing eyeglasses is like a lot of things in my life I can’t control.  I accept the situation, and make the best of it.   And every couple three years I get a new pair with new frames, a bit of a refreshed look.

It’s time to get a new pair again.  It’s been three years. I’m pretty excited.

So there you have it. Excited instead of self-conscious. Stoked instead of embarrassed. And for sure, trying every day to be nice to others. Regardless of what they look like.

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