Like Father, Like Son


It’s been quite a ride with my son thus far in his six years on this earth.  When he was born I was naturally super-stoked to have a boy, and it’s been joy, a delight, a massive set of lessons, and a blessing everyday.  Well, almost every day.  : – )

Helping him along in life thus far mean my looking back at how my own childhood was, recalling more accurately now the challenges I faced when I was little.

My deepest hope for my boy is that he be the best unique human he can be.  I want this for my daughters too, of course.  But as I see our son have some of the same struggles I did, I relate and want to help him have an easier time.

I don’t do a great job of having an optimal impact every day.  But I’m more mindful in the effort.  I’m more consistent (?) in my messages to him.  And I want to lift him up everyday, so eventually he can lift himself up:  to face the challenges that come along, to embrace the learning we do as we grow up, to seek to be better, to seek the joy every day. And then eventually, to share it.

Come to think of it, he already does, in some ways.

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