Looking Back: Five Years, Two Months, or 1,885 Days

I started this blog five years and two months back.  The first post was 10 July, 2014.  Our third child had been born a few months prior; now all three are in grade school.   My wife and I had been married just about six years;  we’ll soon be celebrating eleven years of marriage.

A lot of life has been lived, that’s for sure.

The blog has certainly had it’s ebb and flow.  The publishing hasn’t always been consistent — though now I’m on a pretty good run started recently — with full intent to keep the content churning, as my mind buzzes along and more to share comes to mind.

That said, we did recently pass over the 500th post; that says something about the volume of content produced.

And so a reminder as to why I started five years back, seems appropriate to share the content of my first post.  The mission hasn’t changed.  MORE GOOD.    Thanks for coming along.

From 10 JULY 2014:  “Half Full, All GOOD:  What’s it All About”

“Half Full, All GOOD” was a phrase that came to my mind some time ago as perhaps the most succinct description of the attitude I try to maintain, and energy I try to share with those around me.
The gist of phrase (and the blog, the tweets, the message, the mission) is to find and share positive stories woven through our shared humanity. The Half Full, All GOOD Blog will do just that:

Encourage others to…

Think Positive.

Be thankful.

Maintain a Positive Perspective.

Find good things where ever and whenever you can.

Look on the bright side.

And bundle all that GOOD up, to share it with those around you.

Such a path in life will create more GOOD.

That’s what I offer, that’s what I’m about, that’s why I’m here.

Hope you take a little good away when you leave, and spread it around.

And come back often to get more.  I got plenty more where that came from.”


Yep, I still got buckets to share.  Come back often for sure.

Look forward to seeing you.


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