Full Gas! We Serve

“Full Gas!” You hear pro cyclists make this reference frequently. It means racing all out, up tempo the whole way.

The second, two-word phrase is the motto of Lions International, and all of the 45,000 plus clubs that make up the world of Lionism.  Over a million people committed in the service of others.  We Serve.

Service comes in many, MANY ways; at the core of all efforts, if we’re doing it right, is that we focus on filling a need, attending to someone who needs a hand.  Lions are called the “Knights of the Blind” — first given this title by Helen Keller in 1925 — and from then until now we have always had a special concentration on sight-related issues.

But there are many other issues and causes and emergencies where Lions step in to lend a hand.  From the most basic — like having clean water — to the unexpected — like dealing with the aftermath of a massive hurricane — to providing free health services, resources for education, and on and on and on…

This past weekend one of the local Lions clubs in the Santa Clara Valley (a.k.a. Silicon Valley), the Cupertino De Anza Lions Club — held a local charity bike ride to raise awareness and funds for programs that fight diabetes.  The Ride 4 Diabetes featured some fifty volunteers coming together to produce an event with about 100 riders on three different routes, all out to enjoy a Sunday morning bike ride. It was a successful event, and a great foundation for the event to be held annually.

We were full gas from start to finish.

I was out early with another volunteer putting out route signs in the pre-dawn darkness.  Many other volunteers showed up just as the sun was coming up to set up. The guy I was with early had me drop him off at his house nearby, and then road the ride as well. Full Gas.

Several hours later we were gathering up those signs, breaking down rest stops, etc.   I got a bit sun-baked, but otherwise felt good about the efforts and certainly the event and so much good work done by so many good people.

Simple enough.  Full Gas. WE SERVE.

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