Quiet Time

I value it so SO much: Quiet Time. Sometimes I don’t get much, so when I do, I try to savor it all the more.

I get up pretty early on work days, but otherwise I love the roll over for another hour of ZZZZZs. If magic happens at my house and everyone is in bed with lights out early, say before 9pm, the joy is palpable in the room. It’s scribble a few words down (like now), read a couple pages, and boom, lights out.

For sure it’s not just kids who benefit from Quiet Time. For sure I benefit from it too. Whether after dark and in bed early or up early before the sun, or sitting in my car or a vacant conference room reading…Quiet Time is GOOD.

Got a little this week; maybe I can find a little more this weekend.  Fingers crossed. GOOD.

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