Into the Weekend

Lots of lessons this week; seems like there are always lessons. And often they seem to be repeats. Maybe we keep learning the lessons we need most?

I round out another week, thinking about the mistakes I made, the things I could have done better, the victories I had, the tidbits of getting better I picked up.  I think about the highs and the lows with my family, with a co-worker, with those around me otherwise.

Many of the lows are in my own head, my own perception or reaction to things that occurred.   What could I have done differently?  How could I have handled things in a more balanced manner, taken more of the active high road, lived up to being my best self more often?  It’s a weekly, daily, even hourly journey and path we must stay on to be that best self.  Would that I could be that more often.

And then in the end, Friday afternoon became Friday evening on a field at Hoover.  Our kids playing with their teammates, getting ready for another Saturday soccer game.

There’s been challenges there too; tough getting a bunch of kids who don’t know each other, haven’t played much soccer, and aren’t terribly enthusiastic about playing the game to do so. Then again, that’s how you learn. Try, fail, keep trying.

Good lessons all around. And here’s to the weekend now. Make it GOOD.

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