Let Love Make Us Whole

Nearly every day I pray. And nearly every day this idea is woven into the prayer: that love can fill in the holes in people’s lives.

I think about the many who suffer horrible circumstance, and I believe love can make the difference. It likely won’t deliver people from their circumstance, but it can help them cope and survive, and even thrive.

I think about those who will die today, especially those in extreme situations, maybe children, maybe babies, on the migrant road, or in a detention jail, or in a refugee camp, and I ask myself, “What could make the difference? Their fate is pretty well sealed…”.

I think about myself, imagining the day I die, when ever that is…and I think about the people I know who have died, and those who have lost loved ones. And I believe in those final moments, that’s when all that matters is love. The day I die, the last thing I want to feel in my body on this earth is love. If we are the ones left behind, feeling love, being filled with love, that is the answer. Love makes it better.

I think about the mother of one of the children that was murdered at Sandy Hook Elementary School; her response to the unimaginable horror and pain and anguish of having one’s child murdered? Love. Active, instructive, deliberate effort to show and teach empathy and compassion to others.

Love. It’s the fundamental value and gift that can and does change the world everyday. If we let it. If we make the effort. If we let it guide our actions.

If we’re angry or sad or full of holes and grieving, let love wash the hurt and anger away, let love make us whole again.

Hell, if everyone let love guide their actions, and be more of the solution everyday, there would be so much less suffering in the world, fewer wars, less violence. I know that’s rather pie in the sky, but the fundamental is absolutely true. Love makes the difference.

And to clarify, I’m not talking about hot pink bubble gum love, or candle-lit, dreamy-eyed love, I’m talking about “I got your back” love, “I’m here ’til the end” love, “we’re in this fight together” love, “yes I’ll help you” love.

Let THAT love guide you. Let that love fill in your emptiness, let it be a salve to your wounds, let love in. And give it every chance you get. When you give it, that fills in the holes too.

Let it be so. Let love make us whole.

More on Scarlett Lewis’ efforts found here: https://www.tappingsolutionfoundation.org/tapping-for-choosing-love/?gclid=Cj0KCQjwn_LrBRD4ARIsAFEQFKsTnYS16CA3iFvq-4QhkKXuXqOfkBQKOQy-C61pEsPzUfRCI4drYCkaAmL4EALw_wcB

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