One Month Done

One month done and I am in the groove, proved to myself that I can keep up the moves, going forward , going forward I got nothing to lose.

Up ahead in front, in front of the curve, unsure? Maybe,

but I’ve certainly learned, how to put it on the page, throw it down and move on, next day, one day, at a time.

The thing is it feels good, and it’s good to know, that the vibe is alive each day and that I,

I’m not holding it in, no longer stalled out, ‘cause even when it’s slow I push it on, get it out,

share what’s there, share the good, spread the good and the joy,

If I’m doing that, I’m in the groove to be sure, “Yes, sir,” got it, give it, GOOD.

The above celebration piece, purely fun to scribble down and rejoice finishing up one month of a post everyday, fun indeed, and here to stay.

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