So Thankful

Attitude of Gratitude, recommended every day. I’m here to say, in every way, that the mantra is true, come what may,

“Happy wife, happy life…”

And let it swiftly follow, this isn’t a shallow pitch for placating, but rather simple recognition that when you live with someone who’s happy with their life, it’s got a fundamental positive effect on your own life.

So I say like I do most every morning in walking prayer, I’m grateful for my wife, who is my love and friend, my partner and our family leader. For countless reasons I might name, as any spouse should feel, should think,

But a few are…

Motivation and planning for a family trip we have coming up, for her preparation and research and thoughtful considerations, all that will have a positive effect on our experience as a family, and especially for our kids.

For being an amazing professional, her chosen profession as a teacher, what she is in the classroom, for her colleagues, and massively, for the know-how she brings to helping our own children learn.

For her commitment to herself, her physical well-being, to our marriage, to her friends, for all these things I admire and respect her. She’s just the sort of person I want to me around — most of the time. : – )

We have our ups and downs like any couple that’s been together for a while. Certainly if you add kids into the equation, being parenting partners in addition a married duo otherwise, there is always challenges and learning and changes and if you’re willing to work hard, it all amounts to more and stronger and life-long love.

And it’s love that I’m committed to, this woman that I love and learn from and enjoy and realize my life would not be full, would not be complete, without her in it. Our marriage is a blessing, our family is a blessing, and being able to go on adventures together is a blessing.

I thank my lucky stars everyday for all that is this life I live.


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