I Should Have Known

Big gathering this weekend, a reunion, a couple hundred (or more?) folks getting together to celebrate our years together in college a long time back.

Fun for so many, especially those coming in from out of town, to visit the campus, refreshed big time since we walked those grounds.  And people spending extra time in the surrounding area, with various friends, some who’ve not come together in long long while.   And the university itself, offering a long list of activities, including the new president’s inauguration.

Very cool.   A grand reunion indeed.

On my side, not a lot of extra time, since I’m just back from a family vacation.  I won’t be involved in too much of the wide variety and extended togetherness.   I’ll see folks Friday night, Saturday night, hopefully maybe Sunday morning too.

But though I won’t be spending time in the wine country, or staying in a hotel with classmates down the hall, I still feel a part of it.  Deeply.

I have little flutterings of anxiety about seeing folks whose names I might not remember, but I push that aside.  I valued that time and that collection of people so SO much, and still do.  They are my “great examples” of people doing and living their best.  Doesn’t mean perfect.  Just means good peeps.    I love being together with good peeps.

And then quickly it will follow, fresh anxiety might seep in, my mind begins to race late Sunday or early the next day.  As thoughts of good conversations and good people begin to fade from the immediate…

“How will it go after a busy weekend, early up Monday…fine fine, but you might be surprised by good attitudes.  With the kids, with the wife, with the folks in the office, everyone could very well have good attitudes.  But what if not?

Then finally At Work, anticipating and thinking through the various angles of a decision on a project scope, tasks to attend to, overdue anything?  Any clean up from the week prior…?

The answer is simple really, it usually is right?

“Don’t think it through too much, might be more work as a result.”

Just do the work.  Just take the next step.

I should have known.

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