Major theme for this weekend: “SCU’89_R30.” This is the moniker I’ve given our 30th college reunion happening this weekend.

What does this alphanumeric reference mean exactly? My own shorthand for “Santa Clara University Class of 1989, 30 Year Reunion.” Random? A little silly? Yea, I’m like that sometimes.

This coming together, or really, collection of opportunities to get together with former classmates, it’s a unique thing that only happens a few times. Reunions are funny that way: they happen more frequently actually, but the “ big ones” — 10, 20, 25, 30, 40 years…these tend to be more widely attended, I think (I should ask the alumni folks). It’s sorta like wedding anniversaries: bigger focus on the major milestones. 🙂

And so what’s the big deal? The university does a good job of putting a lot of different activities and events together for the various groups that were together during the weekend: teams, departments, etc.

The big event is Saturday night, the main dinner for each class.

Given my own circumstances — kids’ soccer smack in the middle of the weekend — I won’t make many of the events. All the same, I’ll take what I can get. For me it’s about the chance to see folks and catch up in bits and pieces, hopefully have a couple of deep dives in conversation too, and basically recharge the energy all these varied folks shared with me so long ago.

Bottom line too? I value the people still, and value the depth and variety they still offer in relationship. Whatever we can recall and share and remain in relationship, or kick-start that past affection…in whatever manner…to stay connected to our roots we still share from that place called Santa Clara University.

Those Jesuits taught us well, still feeling the weight and the depth and the love, 30 years on. A.M.D.G. “Ad maiorem Dei gloriam — For the greater glory of God. AMEN.

Personal Addendum:

Oh and also, “R30?” It’s an obscure reference to a similar moniker one of my favorite bands used for their 30th year together and the tour associated with it: “RUSH R30.”

Had to get that in there, too. : – )

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