Up and Down

Thinking back to a ride in Disneyland recently. It was one of the few our son would go on, given his place in time and space and thrill tolerance. We went up and down on this one as we spun around at a reasonable (but not scary) clip. Looking through the pictures, it has me considering the parallel imagery to life.

Ups and downs are part of every day; it’s how we approach them that makes all the difference.

Sometimes we can see it coming; sometimes we’re taken by surprise. If we know a particular situation is around the bend, we can maybe prepare. It’s a little like waiting in line to get on a thrill ride. You can see it coming; you can think about how you’re going to handle the excitement, the G-forces, maybe the unexpected otherwise.

Other times, things might be going along perfectly fine, and then WHAM!, a downer might just land right in front of you, demanding your attention and response. Maybe the circumstance is the exact opposite of what you were expecting; all the more unnerving it might be. You might be caught flat-footed, unsure, confused.

In either instance the main points are the same: Don’t panic. Keep your cool. Take a few deep breaths. Consider your options. Then, make the best decision you can.

Up or down, it’s up to you. Get on the ride, and enjoy!

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