Forest for Trees

The old saying, “Don’t lose the forest for the trees” applies quite often.

In my case and this weekend, it’s working to tighten up and execute on more actions for a variety of needs — family, writing, an upcoming Lions service project, everyday chores and house/home maintenance — but ALSO having a relaxed attitude, ready to soak up the bigger good, the important moments.

This weekend we’re celebrating our son’s birthday with a party for family and a few friends (a little a head of the actual day, which is next week).

So as I start and stop and work to check things off the list, I also don’t want to miss the joy, the fun, the family moments.

It’s up to me to have the right attitude and stay balanced. And I’m gonna.

In this there is no try, as Yoda said: “There is no try; there is only do, or don’t do.”

I’m gonna do.

It’s a beautiful forest, this thing called life. Don’t forget that. And don’t miss it. Appreciate it. Everyday.

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