A Foundation of Grace

One of the readings for the weekend is from 1 Corinthians, Chapter 3. In the passage, Paul writes about how he, with God’s grace, has laid a foundation for the believers in Corinth, and how additional layers would be laid upon that foundation.

He also draws the parallel to the temple, how each of us, part of the Body of Christ, are part of that temple, that holy place, and indeed, each of us is called to being holy.

All these images ring true for me: there is a foundation laid for each of us, by grace, that we must then build on, to fulfill the mission, the purpose to which we’ve been called. It is this grace, and the careful work of building on this foundation, that we are strengthened in faith, and drawn closer to God.

The grace, the foundation, a lifetime of building, and layer upon layer, we draw closer to God. Layer upon layer, day after day, we have the opportunity to be closer to God.

Let us do this careful work. Let us welcome this careful work. Let us do this careful work.


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