What We Do, Redeux

Just a couple days ago, I had a post entitled “What We Do.” Well, here a slightly different take — I’m revisiting that title again.

Busy weekend finished up with Sunday afternoon grocery run, and then between the wife and me, putting three new dishes together for dinner.

We worked well together in our little kitchen, she on her efforts, me with mine. Dishes cycled through the sink so we could keep our work areas clean. It was a pretty sweet dance, come to think of it.

As we were finishing up and the last two dishes were in the oven, she asked me how I was doing — I guess I seemed a little off. And in fact I was, pondering how the food was going to turn out, feeling a little pensive.

I replied, “Ok, given we’ve not made those dishes before…”, to which she commented, “Isn’t that what we do now all the time? Trying new things…”

And she was right. She is right. What she didn’t say, but implied, was that we do these things to keep our family going in the right direction, with their various food sensitivities / allergies, etc. And I might take it further still. When you’re raising kids, you’re trying new things all the time. And teaching them to do the same.

Don’t be afraid; just try it. We keep trying new things, we give this and that a try, we keep on keeping on, making new efforts, keeping it fresh.

So let’s do just that. Keep it fresh. It’s what we do.

And the two dishes? Not great, but they were ok. We’ll try them again.

: – )

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