Grounded in Service

What should I do next? Often the answer is, “How can I help?”

When in doubt, help someone out. Wash the dishes; switch the laundry; pick up the living room;

bring a treat to work; make dinner; send a nice note to someone you haven’t reached out to lately; call an old friend; call a new friend; hold the door open for someone; be the first to say “Hello”.

The basic idea is the same in all these instances: be pleasant, be helpful, lend a hand, serve others.

That’s a good way to live. That’s good every day. I say, you can’t go wrong with this approach.

I belong to a local Lions club (one of 46,000 clubs around the world). The Lion Motto is simple: We Serve.

Lion or not, that’s the right answer.

Stay grounded in service.

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