Holidays, Parties, & Good Cheer

It’s that time of year, it’s time once again for the holiday cheer.

A mixed bag at best, I really don’t jest, but let me tell you why it’s better than the rest. But without the rhythm, I don’t really have the time. 🙂

Here’s the deal. It’s the time of year with special opportunities. It’s a chance to get together with friends, get together with family, get together with co-workers, with whomever you call your tribe. This is the time to be thankful, to let the gratitude fill you up, for the little things, the big things, for whatever comes your way.

Sometimes this season is difficult — especially if we’ve lost loved ones, or have unresolved conflict with those close to us, or those that used to be close. It’s a time when we can feel busied, overwhelmed, hurried, with too much to do, alone, longing for something “better.”

I can say first-hand, I sometimes feel all of that. So from a little experience I’d say, it’s up to you, to me, to turn that attitude around to the better side. Decide it’s enough to settle in on the simplest thing, the decorative lights that might be in your neighborhood, on being cozy in your jacket, under a blanket, the smile of your kid, your spouse, your friend, a stranger.

DECIDE to make it good. Right now. And then if you have the chance to go to a holiday party, to get together with others, embrace the opportunity. Be open, but thankful, try a little friendly smile, a couple ready-phrases of greeting and welcome, and you know what? It will probably be ok. In fact, it might be great. It might be REAL great.

And if not? That’s ok too. Reaching out this time of year is the right answer. Do what you can do, make the most of the moments, and soak up the GOOD.

After all, the reason for the season from two thousand years ago, when the world changed forever, when the simplest of experiences in the simplest of settings lead to love being born and committed to humanity for all eternity.


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