Outside Looking In

Came home the other night and the fam was watching “The Mandalorian.” They all have been home the last two weeks on school holiday vacation. I had to go back to work after the New Year.

So I arrive to this show being on, and being told ever so politely, “Please don’t talk, we don’t want to miss anything…”

No worries at all, I knew the deal. But I did feel like I was on the outside a bit. I woulda have loved to have been home lounging with the kids enjoying a cool show. Then I was over it.

I put my stuff away, did a couple dinner prep things, and watched the end of the episode with them.

Was it the same? No, but we chatted a little about the series during dinner, and I felt included. That was really the point, I think. Be a little included, suddenly you’re in.

Next time you feel like you’re on the outside, do t let it bother you. Try a little to get into the the loop maybe; you probably can.

And next time someone seems like they are on the outside, invite them in. It doesn’t take much. Sometimes it just takes a tweak on your attitude.

Make it GOOD.

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