A Little Slice of Joy

Recently went out to the Central Valley to watch our nephew play basketball, and also celebrate my brother -in-law’s birthday.

It was a little slice of joy on Sunday afternoon in Turlock, California. Lovely drive, lovely weather, fun adventure, great celebration.

Nothing fancy, mind you; all the same, I had a definite sense of family, and gratitude at the chance to be together and doing something outside the usual.

I love the Central Valley. Much of my mom’s side of the family lived out this way. Some of that family is still out here. It’s a different feel, a little more low-key, a little more old school. Not the same hustle and bustle and congested population as where we live. It’s a nice change for a bit.

The wife and I had a nice conversation on the drive too; that was a wonderful bonus. We don’t get much time to just chat with three little kids.

Of course, there’s plenty to do at home, plenty on the list.

That said, taking time to “live a little”, and not merely attend to chores and tasks well, that’s a little slice of joy.

We need more of that. Or maybe we need it more frequently. Or both. At least I do.

I bet you do too. Next time you get the chance for a little adventure outside the norm, jump at the chance. You’ll be glad you made the time for a little slice of joy.

I know I was glad to get the chance. And I look forward to the next time. Soon.


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