Lean In

This phrase, “Lean In”, is a common expression. It means to push back against that which is giving you difficulty. Don’t give in to the challenge. Keep working.

I did a search in this blog recently I’ve written about this concept several times over the years. No wonder. It’s so fundamental to a happy life. Certainly fundamental to my life.

I’ve also written about this new role I’ve taken on at work recently; the learning has been a challenge. But it’s not rocket science, as they say. It’s learnable. It’s learnable by me.

It’s just taking time; more time than I’d like. With more bumps and errors than I’d like too. But…


Lean In, that’s the response.

Our younger daughter was having a tough time getting ready for school recently.

I told her I understood that she didn’t want to go, didn’t want to get ready. But we have to do what we have to do. We have to lift our game to meet our responsibilities.

In so many words, this means “lean in.” Lean into the obstacle, the feeling of not wanting to do something, the anxiety, the fear, whatever.

I hope she learns to do it earlier than I did, I hope she gets better at it sooner than I did.


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