Fat Tuesday

A week ago we celebrated “Fat Tuesday”, “Mardi Gras” in French.

It’s historically celebrated as the last day before Lent in the Christian — and particularly the Catholic Christian — World. Since Lent is seen as a time of reflection and extra spiritual discipline, Fat Tuesday is the last day before is a chance to cut-loose one last time.

I invite you to consider the longer view, as well. One final indulgence feels good, it’s fun, but it also is extra. And the extras, they’re not needed.

Let us spend this Lenten time returning to basics and re-centering our values, our fundamentals, and keeping things, extras, in proper context.

Realizing what you actually need, and being satisfied with those things, that strengthens you, liberates you, gives you a super-power of sorts.

Remember what we need, truly, focus on those things, be satisfied with those things. Let the extras fall away. Let them go. They were fun. They tasted good. Felt good. But You don’t need them.

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