Each Day

“Each day go back to being small within, be simple and enthusiastic, and recall the blessings in your life. Do these, and your heart will remain open for others, and your spirit will be grounded in love.”

This advice from Pope Francis recently rings true in at least a few ways.

The fundamental premise, the practice, I certainly agree with. But that’s only the beginning.

Consider the framework of the advice. Restart each day with the same practice: good. Recall the things you have to be thankful for: yes.

Do things that will keep your heart open and your spirit grounded, through simple, repeated practice: truth.

One of the many dichotomies of our lives: strive to do more, new, etc., but also rely on simple, proven truth and practice to fortify you each day.

Good advice for any day; maybe especially Monday.

Make it so, and thus, make it GOOD.

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