Lessons: COVID-19 Sequester

These are strange times. On top of everything else, we have a global pandemic that’s effecting dozens of countries, including the United Sates.

In our land, people are hunkering down, listening to the government, listening to experts. Schools are closed; public gatherings are suspended or cancelled, work places are also taking steps to create the “social distancing” mandated to slow the spread of the coronavirus, COVID-19.

It’s a serious situation, so let’s remember the basics: take care of yourself; take care of those you love; look out for those in the community that need help.

Don’t panic.

Get what you need, maybe a little more, but don’t panic. We’re fortune in this country; there are plenty of the basics, the staple goods we need week to week. I was at the grocery on Saturday afternoon, and things were a bit sparse on some ailes.

If there’s a shortage it’s because of stresses on the supply chain, on the planned demand schedule now changed, not because there’s a fundamentally shortage.

Empty shelves seem a bit extreme.

Don’t panic.

As I sat in the Costco parking lot later thinking about this, it started to rain. We haven’t had rain in a long while. In the midst of this acute situation, something to be thankful for: the rain.

Let’s be thankful for the resources we have available to us; let’s take care of each other; let’s not panic. This too shall pass. We all need to work together. Let’s get through it together.

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