Adjustment & Normalcy

How does it feel when crisis hits? Or even if just the “unforeseen” circumstance that takes hold…? It can be unsettling, make us feel uncertain, not sure which way to go, what to do next.

This COVID-19 virus pandemic that’s running roughshod over everything just now, we might say that’s making everyone uneasy. We might say folks are panicky, even. Understood to a point; it’s a serious matter. Folks are getting sick; some folks are dying. It’s serious for sure.

My two cents so far on this situation, my two humble suggestions on how to cope and get through it go something like this…besides the obvious:

First, accept that you have to adjust your life; you have to adjust, your family has to adjust. Things are going to be different for a while; it’s not going to be normal. Even if you don’t get sick, the effect of the situation is going change everyone’s lives for a while.

That said, Second,

do what you can to maintain normal routines; do what you can to maintain a sense of the usual day-to-day; whatever that looks like. Like…?

Like, this week is Saint Patrick’s Day. Make corned beef and cabbage. Drink a couple beers; wear green!

If you’re working from home and you don’t normally do that, get up at the same time anyway. Follow your usual routine for the work day. And in whatever other manner things can stay normal, follow that tempo, follow those practices.

Do what you normally do during regular work days, when you’re working, and at home too.

Anything else? Be patient; be strong; be supportive to others that need a hand; be gentle on your expectations of yourself and others.

Be willing to adjust; maintain normalcy where you can. And help others do the same.

We’ll get through this thing. It’s going to be ok.

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