Outside, Inside, Cope, Persevere

Words to the page to chronicle this time, find some pause, some answers.

Never before have we been in a place like this, time like this, everything upside down, uncertain. Like war-time; our people throughout our nation’s lands, East to West, North to South, threatened by disease, a plague.

Think about what’s outside, what’s inside.  That’s for each of us, and practically too, inside our home, outside too.

Told to stay inside, keep your distance, slow the spread, a novel strain washing over the earth.  When will it end, how will it end?

Inside it gets smaller, living with others or living alone, full-time, new, difficult to navigate. Inside us too, each of us in our mind, searching for new order, balance, pace, what are the rules now?  How to navigate.

Find the answers outside. Get outside your comfort-zone. Forced to do so. Adapt. Adjust your expectations, your practices, your approach. New times, new answers to the problems before us, outside is the answer. Get outside your comfort-zone, get outside literally too; get outside to the fresh air, answers begin out there. Out back, out on the porch, out for a walk, on the trail, a bike ride.

Get outside, away from the noise and the lights and the screens. Outside to breath in, breath in deeply. Let it fill you, make you new, minute to minute it can happen, will happen. Deep breath, re-set, re-new. Each day.

Unsettled, uncertain, certainly tough, tough to manage, toughness needed, mental toughness, like maybe never before. From inside let it flow; find it outside, outside your comfort zone. This approach is the path, to cope, cope with the uncertain, the unknown, the struggle, each of us cope.

And the result? You persevere, you find your way, you make the way; easier for yourself; easier for those who need a hand. Let go of what holds you back; let go of what you’re used to. Get outside. In this way, you will persevere. Down the path. Cope. Persevere.

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