Shelter-In-Place: Home Life, Work Life, and COVID19

I had a conversation a while back with my brother, a successful business guy in HR/Talent Acquisition.  He’s got plenty of experience working with teams around the world for various companies; the key, common denominator is that his “work day” pretty close to 24 hours, given where the people he supports live and work. 

In that chat we had, we were talking about “work/life balance”…and he shared his perspective that (at least for him), he found it more accurate to consider “work/life blend.”

Thinking about this approach, thinking about your approach, all the more true now in these “days of sequester, quarantine, shelter-in-place.”
“Balance the Day” or “Blend the Day”, however you look at it, find the approach that works for you.  Bottom line is you have to optimize, because the demands on your time are obviously real.  At home, at work, and everything in between, there’s pulls from all sides. 

If children are in the mix, especially if they’re little, the dynamics get more complicated by an order of magnitude.  Finding the physical space to do your work, finding the mental space to do so too, both challenges to consider.  Some folks have a “home office” that’s well established — others might not, might have to carve out a nook where ever they can. 

[SIDEBAR:  As for me, with a spouse working from home too, and three kids doing their best at school-work, etc. during the day, I’ve set-up shop in the garage, next to the jackets and laundry area.]

COVID19, it’s turned things upside down, inside out, killed thousands, sickened many more.  It’s brought life to a halt around the globe. 

Find the balance, find the blend, to make your work life and your home life come together, to meet your responsibilities as best you can. It’s not necessarily easy; in fact, it’s a pretty big challenge. A big challenge for sure, considering all the other stresses of this moment, these many moments, this time.

Take care of yourself; take care of your family. Keep everyone as healthy and safe as you can. Meanwhile, also attend to your work, to the responsibilities you have, to keep your business going during this very challenging time.

You’re not alone; we’ll make it through together.

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