Not All Peaches & Cream

Feeling the flip-side acutely just now. Rough night on a couple levels, one kid in particular, Number 3, she lost her frickin’ mind as the evening waned.

It put a thick coating of woe on everyone. The other two seemed no worse for the wear. Me, not so much. Foul mood to bed, never a good thing.

Then in the morning, the two kids that witnessed the meltdown, they mentioned it to Number 3. She started spinning again, threatening another crash; thankfully it was a shallow spiral, and she shook it loose (with some help).

All this in the first hour of getting the house going for another day of “Shelter In Place”, “Work From Home”, “Learn From Home”, all running in parallel.

All pretty standard, really. Three kids under 10, shit happens, feathers frequently ruffled, perseverence the order of the day, every day.

So what’s the point?

Someone recently said to me, “You know, you project this Positive Attiude, send out all these Good Vibes, but your own attitude and response to things isn’t always so great.”

That’s EXACTLY the point. I do what I do and generate the ideas and thoughts and motivators and props, and really most everything coming out that’s GOOD?

It’s my fundamental effort to direct my OWN attitude, push myself in the right direction, keep myself going in a positive direction.

I’m sure I’ve shared this before, but it certainly bears repeating.

I do NOT think life is all peaches & cream.

But I’ll be damned if I’m gonna let the struggles, the misfortunes, the failures, the difficulties have the last word.

Churchill is famously quoted as saying, “I have nothing to offer but blood, toil, tears and sweat…”, when he took over as Prime Minister of Great Britain in 1940, with the nation (and the whole of Europe) already embroiled in war with Nazi Germany.

So let’s be clear, I’m no Winston Churchill; but I do understand very well his mentality and his resolve. And I offer the bright side, the glass half full, a single candle even in the seemingly immutable darkness.

Because even thought it’s often not easy, even though difficulty and even suffering are all too common, what will prevail? GOOD.

Good will prevail. Let’s make it so as best we can every hour, every day.

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