Tins of Goodness

The tins the tins, are tucked away, in the cupboard on the shelf, not far away.

I forgot about both for a while, now it’s time, time for a trial. Yea give ‘em a try, and you will see, there’s goodness inside, and ready to be,

Ready to be called on, the little silver fish, sardines from the ocean, my very wish. Tasty and salty and good for you, Omega 3s, so good for you. Chopped up small, mixed up nice, yummy salad topper, yummy salad topper, so good for you, it’s so so true.

In the other tin at the end of the day, a sweet little treat, waiting for me. Crunch little goodness, sugar and butter, for the holidays, or any day. In fact in fact, I can tell you now, gonna have gotta have a few to chow,

chow down cause they’re tasty and a stress release, little nibble of happiness, just a little piece. So give me some peace, that’s what I say, peace inside, everyday, find it in the tins, good to know, good to go.

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