In Queue

04/04/2020; 10:19am; Costco Run; Battery at 93%

I had read that lines were pretty long at Costco a couple weeks back; I’d driven by once before and the line was out and down the building. Turns out that was relatively short compared to what I arrived to on Saturday.

The warehouse opens at 10am. When I arrive the line is around the building; ALL the way around the building; the end of the line is practically opposite the entrance; and this is a…100,000 square foot building.
I hear two ladies speaking in Russian to one another; their people know what lines are about. Planned waiting. Angling to get that certain something.  

It was about a 50 minute wait in line. Not too long, big picture.  And TP was available; most everything else we we were looking for too.    Everything on the list gathered up, pretty easy.  People to and fro, some with masks, some not.  People respecting the six foot rule, mostly; except maybe when we were passing in the aisles.

And when I left, the line was quite a bit shorter, maybe two-third smaller thank when I queued up. 

Departed  11:53amBattery at 72%

What I learned? If you get to Costco by Noon, you should be ok to get what you need. Line Inside (normal), or outside (during this crazy pandemic time), ya gotta have patience.  You’re going to have to wait.

During this time as we enter Week 4, public guidelines are tightening:

** More people wearing masks;

** More stringent limits on number of people allowed into a space at once;

** As before, instructed to maintain six feet distance between people;

** Patience, resilience, and creativity are at a premium; those virtues will serve you well.

Postscript: Went back the next day to get more vegetables — you can never have enough vegetables, after all — and this time, it was closer to Noon, a little later, actually. It was raining; it wasn’t a hard rain, just easy, a steady fall. The line was shorter: a booster practice run on having more patience.
Standing in lines: It will serve you well.

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