You Can’t Skip It

Heard recently [and I’m paraphrasing]: “…most often, to get to a better place, it’s really not possible to ‘skip the hard part.'”

It’s a simple idea. And it’s a GREAT insight.

It’s undeniable. really. We don’t get to skip the suffering, the struggle, the WORK, to get better, to heal, to reach a better place. And in fact, that’s the only way to true progress.

If it’s handed to you straight away? Not progress. If you manipulate and cheat the system to reach your goal? You haven’t truly reached that goal. You may get what you want, that thing, but…have you really achieved…? Afraid not. Living a farce…pretending you are what you actually are not…in truth then, you have not, you are not.

You have to do the work. You have to pay the price. Cliche perhaps, but for a reason. They are truisms. Do not settle for the easiest way; reach further, instead. Toil, and struggle, and suffering, these are the common threads of humanity, this is the reality most everyone faces. EVERYONE.

And so as we reflect on facing difficult challenges, even those that might change the very fabric of our daily life, or even life itself, let us have hope, and courage, and fortitude, and certainty of our ability. Let us wade through the deep, through uncertainty and doubt, to come out on the other side.

Don’t try to skip it. Accept it, choose it, and then DO IT. And thus make it GOOD.

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