What Does It Mean?

There are lots of ways to interpret things, often times.

Different people look at the same painting, listen to the same song, consider a particular situation or opportunity that arises, or decision that is needed, and have different takes. It’s a mixed bag at best.

Some times those differences can seem vast. Sometimes those differences are unexpected. Sometimes the differences cause conflict; sometimes they sting.

Life is a lot about perspective, and experience, and how they shape each other. Perspective can influence how you experience something, certainly; but too, your experiences are at the heart of the perspective you have. They really inform each other.

So what does it mean? Does it mean if things don’t align, if people don’t agree, if the goal isn’t realized, do we simply give up?

You might choose that path, sure.

If you do that though, you sell yourself and the situation short. What can the moment teach you? What perspective can be broadened by remaining engaged?

In the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic, with most every aspect of life turned upside down, nerves frayed after 30+ days of Shelter In Place, there’re a lot of folks asking lots of questions, struggling with all manner of our current situation.

So…? TAKE A DEEP BREATH. Take five deep breaths. It does wonders. Then ask yourself a few questions.

What experience can you gain, what can you learn, to be better next time, to understand more completely? And how can you continue toward your goals, even with differences you have with others?

In short, I think it means, “Keep at It”;

I think it means “Never Give Up.”

I think it means “Hang in there; you’ll find a way forward.”

Yes. Yes you will.

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