Little Things

When times get tough, focus on the little things. Feeling overwhelmed, not sure what to do next? Do something simple, little, maybe even trivial, to make a little progress, and make things a little better.

Today I attacked a couple weed lines that have been growing in the sidewalk cracks for months. MONTHS. It took maybe 10 minutes tops to clear them out, mostly. A little thing. But that small effort made me feel good.

Toward the end of the afternoon I moved a wind chime to a different spot in the yard, where I thought it might get more breeze. We’ll see. But it felt good taking that little action.

When things are difficult, when you’re having a rough time, feeling in a rut, find something little you can do to accomplish, to feel a bit better.

In fact, maybe it’s a good idea to pick a few little things each day like that you can do; sprinkle them into your day, start, middle, end, and anywhere in between.

The little things can make a big different.

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