Listening to a pro cyclist talk about racing the other day, he used the word “commit” a few times. Cyclists talk about that a lot. Committing to the race, committing to a move during the race to improve one’s position, committing to a decisive climb. They also talk about their teammates in this way, the importance of everyone committing to the race plan to be successful.

Commit. It’s the action associated with creating the state of commitment. When we commit to something, and remain engaged, that creates an iron foundation for good things to happen.

In a job, a sport, a marriage, parenthood, all these require one to commit to realize the highest potential. Commitment can also be applied in far less lofty pursuits: getting to bed at a reasonable hour; giving all three kids a bath without pause; finishing the dishes after dinner, before retiring for the evening; doing five more math problems in your practice exam; finishing a crossword puzzle.

The underlying trait, the underlying mindset, is to be focused and resolved to attain your goal; not letting up from frustration, fatigue, or otherwise negative forces.

Be committed; it will serve you well, every time.

One thought on “Commit

  1. Jeff – subscribed to your blog when I did a search on Word Press for California Lions. Excellent content! I would love to make something like this a part of a quarterly newsletter. We need more positives (except with COVID-19, of course), and less boring reporting that everyone can get on a website.

    There is so much unsung talent in our district that I would love to tap and make others aware of. Would love to share this and also have you “Commit” to being a contributor to a Lions District newsletter.


    Lion Linda Pugliese

    First Vice District Governor

    District 4-C6 California Lions

    (408) 406-8509 cell /text


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