Routines are the cornerstone that provides peace of mind. We all have routines for work, and routines for home. They can be applied anywhere when you repeat certain activities on a regular (even daily) basis. One of my favorite?

What’s your routine before bed? Here’s mine.

Make sure the kitchen sink is empty of dishes. If the dishwasher is full, put in the soap and start the wash cycle.

Change into PJs.

Brush my teeth.

Make sure the kids’ water bottles are full and their night light is in.

Walk around the house one more time to be sure windows and doors are looked.

Make sure the K9 door from garage to backyard is down, so the dogs don’t get out at night to bark at the wildlife.

And then after a kiss the kids and my wife “Good Night”? Hello, slumber! This particular routine serves me well. It provides peace of mind for sure.

So, what is your routine?

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