Let It Ride

When the kids want to play, if you can, let it ride. It’s a fine line, how far they go, but if they’re ok, let it ride.

Just recently I was thinking that might be a game on.

I don’t take the time too often to watch sports, and I thought that might be nice. But the kids were all playing in the front room where the tv is…so I nixed the sports viewing pretty quick.

They’re having a good time. Let it ride.

It’s a mentality that might be well applied often in a variety of context. The term is used in gambling, I think. When you win some portion of the bet, and rather than take the winnings and stop playing, you let the winnings “ride” and play again.

Let it ride.

I’m no gambler, but I like the term. I use it — and maybe lots of people do so – to convey, “let things remain the same…”.

Let it ride.

Maybe a bit of deeper wisdom there too. Often we seek change. Maybe human nature: wanting new stimulation, something fresh, better, different, more. Change is inevitable, after all.

But maybe sometimes it’s better to resist that impulse, maybe initially, to evaluate where you are, what you have, the “pros and cons” of changing X Thing…and maybe sometimes just letting it be. Sometimes maybe it’s better to let the Status Quo stand as is. Let the current circumstances or situation prevail.

Let it ride.

5 thoughts on “Let It Ride

      1. Yeah, that’s definitely what it is. It’s been my experience that generally men have a really tough time even connecting to their own feelings, so your ability to connect to others makes you a unicorn. Empaths are often formed by abusive childhoods, external trauma, or even jobs where reading people is a lifesaving aspect. Do any of these apply to you?

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