This Space

This space where we spend time gives me peace. Dark and cramp, in a tent in a backyard campsite.

Simple slumber on the ground with our children, their quiet breathing and bodies shifting position as they sleep.

This quiet time and place gives me peace. Thankful for this time and place. So simple, necessary during this quietly turbulent time.

World turned upside down, struggle to stay even and balanced; no big deal for some; sometimes it feels ok; most of the time it feels surreal; fundamentals of life shifting, unsure, existential threat.

How to adapt? How to keep our kids protected and secure, how to help them, us feel safe?

Steady, focus on the basics, rely on repetition and love, rely on love. From this space I can work; from this space I can know; from this space I can live; from this space I am sure I will find peace.

Peace in this space.

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