All Saints Day

Deep dive into spiritual practice? Not sure how deep, but yep, let’s go.

These two most often come to mind when I think about saints: Ignatius of Loyola, and Francis of Assisi. They’re my two guys.

I pray frequently, daily really; sometimes multiple times a day; sometimes constantly it seems. Depends on what’s happening in my life.

Since adolescence, prayer has been fundamental to my coping, a mechanism for personal growth, the channel for overall well- being.

When I pray I’m basically talking directly to God. And so I don’t really pray to saints for intercession. Some folks believe in this practice; it’s not so much my thing. I just talk to God.

That said, I do think about how saints lived, and what I can learn from them.

These people, simply humans like us, who have been elevated by other believers (The Church) as more perfect examples of how to live, how to be.

I think about what these people called “saints” did with their lives, and therein seek inspiration, a spark, some way forward.

It’s like studying history for me; it’s history laced with spiritual power and inspiration.

And these two are my guys: Ignatius and Francis.

Ignatius I learned about first. He lived in the 16th century. His spiritual practice, his leadership, his focus on education, these all inspired me. Still do.

And Francis before him, some three hundred years earlier in the 13th century, he inspires me too. His selflessness, his simplicity, his love and his devotion to Jesus.

Much to learn, much to be inspired by.

The Pope (who chose “Francis” as his Papal Name) had this to say today via Twitter:

“Choosing purity, meekness and mercy; choosing to entrust oneself to the Lord in poverty of spirit and in affliction; dedicating oneself to justice and peace – this means going against the current. This evangelical path was trodden by #AllTheSaints and Blesseds. #GospelOfTheDay”

So on All Saints Day, I share this simple insight. And if you’re ever looking for inspiration, consider the these people called “saints.”

Pick a saint that appeals to you, read the history, consider him or her as the person, what their life was about, their story. What might you learn?

And be inspired.


Ignatius —

Francis —

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