A Grinder is person that doesn’t give up. A Grinder just keeps at it, no matter the failures, the struggles, the obstacles that present themselves. It’s hard to be a Grinder.

On my best days I think of myself in this way. Actually, that’s not true.

On some of my worst days I think I’m a Grinder. I’ve had some successes for sure, and I live a blessed life, all in all. I have it far better than most. But I’ve also struggled mightily. I’ve had some epic fails. They’ve nearly, silently, gently crushed me.

Lately I’ve been feeling that a lot. A LOT.

But then at some point I get through the dark thoughts, and I shift. And I think, “Ah well, press on, try again, don’t quit, keep going, NEVER GIVE UP.”

It’s like being 0 for 15 from the free-throw line. It’s like being on a ten-game hitting slump. It’s like dropping every pass thrown to you. It’s like coming in dead last. It’s like struggling with algebra, or statics, or the bar exam. It’s like a million different things people struggle with.

The truth is, we all struggle. The other truth is, we all need to be Grinder sometimes. What’s more? If you’re a parent, teach your kids to be the same. It’s a trait that will serve them well throughout their lives.


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