Gradual, Acceptance

Gradually it gets easier. Maybe that’s big picture conventional wisdom.

Over time, if you stay at something, you’re bound to get better; the work is bound to get easier. Not sure about timelines; it depends on the topic, the matter at hand, the activities you’re engaged in, the skills you’re developing.

There’s the “10,000 hour rule” — it says you can be a master after 10,000 hours of practice. I’ve also read that rule’s been debunked a couple of times.

I still believe that with time and effort, we are able to improve.

I wrote recently about being a Grinder.

I find myself smack-dab in the middle of that situation just now. On at least a couple levels. And it’s been a struggle, getting more acute and glaring and challenging as the weeks have ticked by. Mind you too, this is after an introductory level of activity of said tasks for a couple years. But now the pace, scope, and expectations have come together at a steep pitch.

My mentality is super-critical to my sanity right now. I find myself pausing to take deep breaths repeatedly throughout the day. And forcing myself to pause in the struggle to consider the big picture. I’m making forward progress on multiple fronts, even as many more fronts are left un-attended, waiting, expecting. That expecting is maybe the most challenging aspect.

I know others are relying on my efforts. And I can only do so much each day. I could work 12-hour days and the list would still be long, stretched out the door.

So I’m trying different approaches to the core activities I need to complete. And I’m keeping after it. And it’s hard. Sometimes it’s really hard.

And then I accept it. I accept the situation again. And go forward.

Today I accepted the fact that I’m going to work another weekend. I’m going to be on-site for a few hours Saturday. And then I’m going to wade through more work from home on Sunday.

And I’m going forward. Gradually. But I’m going forward.

What’s that word I use so often?

GOOD. Make it so.

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