Not an ordinary road trip today; quite short; about 32 hours, all told.

Friends moving to Vancouver, WA, 574 miles away. Driving their cars north; one extra car left behind.

I and another friend team driving that stray left behind.

Just this week as I’m thinking about the trip. Glad our friend agreed to make the drive, team up with me, hang with me on that long haul. I think I suggested it. He cleared it on the home front. We both cleared it at work.

And then set to roll.

I’ll state the obvious: grateful for that friendship, this sneaky connectedness I’ve felt with this friend now these 20 some years.

Friends longer, neighbors once too.

This current bond forged through life events and trials; thankful we made that extra connection two decades back.

And so we’ll motor along in that black little motor car on this rather short road trip. Looking forward to whatever convo comes among us; looking forward to the open roads; looking forward to a day’s journey, and all that it will be.

In that little black motor car left behind in our care; to transport north in our care; a little road trip to help solve a problem, one extra car; a little fun in one extra car, that little black car, zipping along the highway in that little black car.

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